difficult to drive forward movement & change

The Challenge

is to develop an economically viable technology
that avoids harmful chemicals and reduces the carbon footprint of the industry.

Our first targets are processes with a foundation in the chlor-alkali industry: chlorinated organics (EDC), propylene oxide, etc. This industry is over 100 years old with existing operations that utilize chemicals (such as asbestos) that are hazardous to the environment and human health. Chlor-alkali is very energy intensive resulting in a significant carbon footprint with further environmental and health impacts. However, without compelling technology alternatives for chlorine gas, it is difficult to implement change because the economics are not viable – hence the challenge.

Traditionally, chlorine gas has been essential to the chemical industry with a wide range of applications including plastics, pharmaceuticals, and cleaning products. Chlorine gas also poses significant health risks. Even at very low concentrations, chlorine results in serious tissue damage, particularly in the lungs. Chlorine gas is responsible for a number of recent deadly catastrophes with substantial resources dedicated to mitigating chlorine exposure risks.

The ideal technology would provide an alternative to chlorine gas and reduce carbon emissions. Electricity is a major feedstock to the chlor-alkali process leading to a significant carbon footprint with the associated greenhouse gas concerns. Further, energy costs determine the profitability of a chlor-alkali plant. Reducing industry energy use is better for the environment and the bottom line.

Through our eShuttle® process, we have created a viable alternative to chlorine gas. We are now leveraging eShuttle® to enable new chemical routes, beyond chlorinated chemicals, with lower power consumption and reduced waste water generation.

we accept the challenge

Our Principles

We are guided by our view that everything starts with safety.
We strive to redefine how chemicals are made because the environment matters.
We lead by example and commit to creating shared value for all involved.

Our Mission

To be the industry leader in the development of safer, greener and lower cost chemical technologies through innovation and strategic partnerships.



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