redefining how chemicals are made

Lower Cost, Safer Production &
Smaller Carbon Footprint

Chemetry strives to be the industry leader in the development of safer, greener, and lower cost chemical technologies. Our research team has dedicated hundreds of thousands of hours to develop, optimize and validate the Chemetry eShuttle® platform in our state-of-the-art laboratories and our integrated pilot plant.

Science and Engineering Validated at Scale

Chemetry’s eShuttle® Platform

We’ve pioneered a new technology platform that combines electrochemical and catalytic processes to produce a suite of important industrial chemicals. This technology eliminates chlorine gas as an intermediate through the use of a metal halide reaction between the two integrated processes.

Reducing the Chemical Industry’s Power Consumption is better for our Environment and the Bottom Line


Hence The Challenge

The chlor-alkali industry is over 100 years old with existing operations that utilize asbestos diaphragm cells to produce chlorine gas. The process is very energy intensive resulting in a significant carbon footprint. Without compelling technology alternatives, change will not occur because the economics are not viable – hence the challenge.

we accept the challenge

Our Mission For Change

To be the industry leader in the development of safer, greener, and lower cost chemical technologies through innovation and strategic partnerships.

Our Friends & Associates

We believe the key to successful research, development and scale-up of our industry changing technologies is working with industry leaders.

proven technology

Pilot Plant

Based on laboratory success, we engineered, constructed and operate a fully integrated and automated pilot plant in Moss Landing, California. At this plant, we are demonstrating that our process can produce the same materials more safely, more profitably, and with minimal environmental impact.


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