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Chemetry’s eShuttle® Platform

Lower Cost • Lower Energy • Smaller Carbon Footprint

We’ve pioneered a new technology platform that combines electrochemical and catalytic processes to produce caustic soda and a suite of chlorinated chemicals. This membrane based technology avoids chlorine gas with a metal chloride reaction between two integrated processes.

In the conventional production method, salt and water are electrochemically split through the chlor-alkali process to produce chlorine gas, sodium hydroxide and hydrogen gas. The eShuttle® process also electrochemically splits salt and water, but the platform avoids the required energy associated with the production of chlorine gas.

The eShuttle® is the foundation of a platform for Chemetry and our partners to use to address additional processes focusing on reducing energy consumption, reducing waste water generation and improving the inherent safety of the processes by avoiding the production of chlorine and chlorine gas in existing chlor-alkali processes.

As we have further explored our technology, we have discovered that there are new salts that we can use effectively. This capability will continue to open up new opportunities for our technology.


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