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We strive to redefine how chemicals are made. Just because things have been done a specific way for over 100 years does not mean we should follow the same path. We are focused on reducing the energy consumption and carbon footprint of the chemical industry while making these processes safer. This is only possible with a dedicated and innovative group of forward thinkers who are willing to challenge conventions. We are looking for individuals with these values to join our team.

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Team member since January 2010

Diego Martinez
Senior Process Engineer

When I joined Chemetry, I had just arrived to the United States with my broken English and decided an operator position in a chemical pilot plant seemed like a good place to start my career in the US. At the time, we were finishing the construction of the pilot plant for our first electrochemistry technology and I had the opportunity to commission the plant, working side by side with a very talented team of engineers and scientists.

Soon, I was able to move to a junior engineer position where I worked designing and building the next generation pilot plant. Six years later, as a Senior Process Engineer, I am still inspired to come to work every day,  with the goal of reducing the energy consumption and carbon emissions for one of the most energy intensive industrial chemical process. It’s also inspiring to be able to get some waves with coworkers before work in one of the best beach breaks in California.


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