Our research team has dedicated tens of thousands of hours to develop, optimize and validate our technologies in state of the laboratories catered to our electrochemical and catalytic processes. Two Chemetry laboratories are currently dedicated to research and two additional laboratories concentrate on pilot plant analytics. High throughput and batch electrochemical cells and reactors are used to screen and optimize process conditions, explore alternate chemistries, support operation of the pilot plant and  validate critical components. We employ three distinct gas chromatographs for exploratory, performance and online process analyses. Organic compounds are additionally monitored by spectroscopy and a total carbon analyzer. Inorganic chemicals are measured through a suite of automated titrimetric methods, an inductively coupled plasma technique and spectroscopy. We’ve developed additional analytical instruments to measure specific components in a process stream with continuing efforts for optimization and new analytical discoveries. Altogether, we safely control, study and develop the Chemetry eShuttle™ platform in the laboratory to improve and support the pilot plant.